Financial And Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

We are occasionally asked who funds us. NDs For Vaccines receives absolutely no outside contributions, funds, discounts, exchanges, barters, remunerations, inducements, etc. etc. etc. Nor have we ever been offered any. We do not even get free cookies, assuming that anyone were to use that as an inducement to support vaccines. Hosting and website maintenance are paid for and provided by the members. The organizational direction is decided by its members as well. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own, and do not represent the opinions of any employers, professional organizations, affiliations, or other groups.

Articles and on this site are meant to educate readers regarding the many reasons to vaccinate and to clear the fog around many myths and rumors about vaccination. However, they are not meant as medical advice for individual cases. Please consult with a licensed medical provider regarding vaccination (or other medical conditions) for yourself, your children, family and household members, friends, acquaintances (and pets).